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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank you!

I just want to thank you all for sticking with Shroud over the past two years. Your support, friendship, and patronage have meant a lot to me. While the state of the economy has definitely impacted Shroud's sales, we continue to adapt and move forward in order to continue to provide quality literary entertainment and a home for your writing.

The ups and downs of the publishing business have been a real education for me. I sincerely believe that the biggest thing that I've learned (so far) is that there lies a close and caring community within our genre. I really, really enjoy that sense of community.

I've also learned that people are always there to help out if you need it. People like Danny Evarts, Mark Wholley, Kevin Lucia, Greg Hall, Scott McCoy, Sheldon S. Higdon, Norman Rubenstein, Ben Eads, Natalie Sin, Nate Lambert, Brian Hardin, Robert Canipe, The Hiram Five and Malcolm McClinton -- hell--all of you guys! You've ALL helped so much in promoting and supporting Shroud and I quite sincerely love you for it.

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