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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update for Issue #4, Northern Haunts, and more!

Hello all,

let me start by saying that you all rock. I sincerely appreciate the supportive emails, the kind words, and the all around enthusiasm about Shroud. You have been wonderful and patient and I would love to take you all home with me and bake you a nice BIG BUNDT CAKE! (LOL ala Greg Hall).

Here's a quick update, but as always you are welcome to contact me with specific questions and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

1. Issue #4 IS shipping and MANY people have received their copies. There are a few of you that have not yet and I know this. I also know that it's late, and I further know that it being late is completely and totally MY responsibility. However, please know that it is our best issue yet at well over 100 pages, and includes some outstanding fiction.

2. Tom Piccirilli's exclusive Shroud Novella, ALL YOU DESPISE is shipping, with just afew copies left. All of our US customers have received their copies, but our International friends will receive theirs' soon. I am told that it was worth the wait as Tom's story is gripping, heartbreaking, and absolutely THRILLING all in one. All domestic orders will get a free upgrade in regular shipping to priority mail while supplies last.

3. NORTHERN HAUNTS! Whew! This guy clocked in at 366 pages! I am absolutely in love with this collection of homegrown ghost stories and campfire tales. It has been a joy putting it together. So, well... after MUCH delay, the trade paperback final proof has been reviewed and approved. I KNOW we were almost at this point before, but a power outage screwed up the whole process. But now, I am simply waiting on the printer to do its print run and ship them to me for distribution. In the next week or so I will have the hardcover ready for printing as well. I know you all have waited long for this, but given the fact that the profits of NH will go to the American Cancer Society, I wanted to make sure I out it together right. I really feel like it's a project we can be proud of. I also needed to change the dedication to honor two very special horror writers and friends of Shroud that passed way recently: Phil Kuhlman and Joe McGee. I miss these guys and Phil was the big inspiration for NH.

4. Lastly, I'd like to thank you all for recommending Shroud for Bram Stoker awards. It is amazing to be in our first year of publishing and me recommended for two anthology awards and 4 short story awards. Thank you thank you! Please remember that you can get all of our current pubs (with the exception of AYD) through Amazon immediately. If you need something giftwrapped or want to take advantage of Amazon's deals, simply go to:


Thank you all and keep feeding your dark beast within!



Issue 4

Heart-pounding tales of darkness and fear by Tim Waggoner, J.F. Gonzalez, Robert Canipe, Lauren Salkin, Ernesto Burden, Gerard Houarner, Sara King, William Veselik, Michael DeLuca, John Mantooth, Kurt Bachard, an article on Peter Medak of "The Changeling," Steve Vernon's "Hauntings Freaks, and Mysteries," MySpace Flash Fiction #3, and the mind-bending dark art (and wonderful cover) by MARTIN BLANCO!

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Hiram Grange Trailer

Many thanks to Kevin Lucia for producing this... COMING SOON!


Something wicked walks the streets of the picturesque New Hampshire village of Great Bay--something that has inexplicably risen from the grave to wreak a horrifying vengeance. Only one man can stop it--provided he can sober up long enough to answer the call!

This man is Hiram Grange, a clandestine operative for the Office of Independent Research and Analysis. With an unhealthy predilection for absinthe, opium, and sex, Hiram Grange stumbles his way through one supernatural and scandalous misadventure after another.

The first of a five part series. Cover and illustrations by Malcolm McClinton

Trailer by Kevin Lucia



JAKE BURROWS the author of more than 100 articles, stories, and essays published in a variety of mediums and publications spanning the globe, under various pen names. He is a former Police Constable from West Clare, Ireland and a former Intelligence Specialist with the Irish Defence Forces Directorate of Intelligence, also known as G2. In his spare time he enjoys traveling. Jake spends about half of his time in the United States where he owns a small cottage overlooking Great Bay New Hampshire. He is also quite fond of reading, hiking, music, art, history, and single malt whiskeys.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All You Despise gets a rave review!

From Bookgasm:

"Very few authors working today put pain on the page with the skill that Piccirilli does. From the narrator to Danny to the innocent people that become embroiled in their bitter lives, Piccirilli packs DESPISE with a living, breathing cast that comes alive and embeds itself in your brain in a scant 78 pages. Shroud is only publishing 500 copies of this devastating novella, so do yourself a favor and snap one up. —Blu Gilliand"

Read the entire review here: