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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shroud a Global Pandemic--like a Swine with SARS!

Although a good number of Shroud's titles have been available for order in the UK, we are happy to announce that ALL of Shroud's books and magazines are available through Amazon's International sites. That means you can get MAMA FISH in Canada, FEAST in Japan, NORTHERN HAUNTS in Germany, PECKINPAH in Austria, and Shroud Magazine in New Jersey... er...well, you could already get Shroud Magazine in New Jersey, but you get the point.

You can even get HIRAM GRANGE in England for less than five quid! I AIN'T TELLIN' PORKIES HERE!

Unfortunately, China is only holdout, but I am looking for a few Shroud Diplomats to pave the way! ;)

Hiram Grange: Incomparable and Incontinent, er I mean Intercontinental!

Hopefully you are following the Hiram Grange updates over at his blog. I've been trying to make it the go-to-destination for all things Hiram. In the latest update, I mention that Hiram is developing some friends in high places, like none other than Troma's Lloyd Kaufman. Take a second and fly over there to see what's what!

Did you know that Hiram is available in Europe and Canada?
Get Hiram Grange Right now!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

R. Michael Burns Featured in Shroud 7

So I wanted to give props to R. Michael Burns the author of the WONDERFULLY-written "ANIMAL ACT" In Shroud 7. I had intended to place his name on the cover, but I completely and utterly dropped the ball on it and R. Michael Burns was relegated to the "and much more" section. My apologies. Check out ANIMAL ACT, and please spread the word.