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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dread Central: Shroud Magazine "Beautiful"

We are honored by Elaine Lamkin's review of Shroud Magazine on Dread Central.

Lamkin says:

"Have you ever come across something SO amazing that you wanted everyone to know about it? Well, that happened to me recently when I received the latest issue of Shroud magazine. Looking nothing like a traditional magazine – more like a trade paperback-size book - Shroud is the brainchild of Timothy Deal and his love for the literary and artistic world of horror is evident in how beautiful this magazine looks."

Read the entire review on their site.

Friday, January 8, 2010

"A gleeful homage to Peckinpah's work"

JoSelle Vanderhooft at Pedestal Magazine has written a thought-provoking and in-depth review of D. Harlan Wilson's masterfully-written novel, PECKINPAH:

"Wilson’s blood-bucket descriptions and wild imagination together would be enough to make Peckinpah a delightful Bizarro novel, and a pretty good parody of Peckinpah’s style (at least, as I understand it). But Wilson does not stop there; rather, he mixes camera angles, stage directions, and, most astonishingly, digressions into film criticism to make his novella not only a gleeful send-up/homage to Peckinpah’s work, but a thoughtful study of it."

Read the comprehensive review HERE

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hiram Grange and the Twelve Little Hitlers Shipping Now!

Hiram Grange and the Twelve Little Hitlers is available now, and shipping from Amazon!

On the heels of the release of Hiram Grange and the Village of the Damned (B&N, Amazon, SP), Scott Christian Carr's wildly original novella, Hiram Grange and the Twelve Little Hitlers, has already begun to create some excitement among readers. Hitlers is the second installment in the Scandalous Misadventures of Hiram Grange series.

One of those readers is none other than Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of the Toxic Avenger. Kaufman read Hitlers, and said it was:

"more fun than a barrel full of Hitlers... The best novel since Don Quixote!"

Greg Hall, the master of ceremonies over at the Funky Werepig radio show was equally impressed:

“Somewhere in the Underworld, Lovecraft is grinning with delight and Hunter S. Thompson is raising his bottle high. You won’t find a darker, more twisted character than Hiram Grange.”

But the lavish praise and adoration doesn't stop there! Renowned sci-fi author Patricia Anthony, who wrote Cold Allies, Brother Termite, Conscience of the Beagle, Happy Policeman, Cradle of Splendor, God's Fires, Flanders, and Eating Memories said this about Hitlers:

"Scott Christian Carr is one of the most insightful writers I know. He's also one of the funniest. Reading 'Twelve Little Hitlers' never fails put you under an intellectual pleasure-dome, which is great in and of itself --- The unexpected surprise is, you'll also laugh your ass off!"

Shroud's 20 Most Recommended Reads of 2009!

By Kevin Lucia, Shroud Magazine Review Editor

Book reviewing is a strange gig. Everyone likes different things. Taste and preferences vary. So do style and voice. As much as we don't want to admit it, it's often all a matter of opinion. One reader's bestseller is another reader's most despised literary atrocity ever put to page. That, and how to account for the way one book impacts some readers, yet glances off the head of others? Sometimes, it has everything to do with quality, style, taste, and timing. Other times, books simply hook readers in "just the right way".

Read the recommended reads HERE...

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Note on Submission Periods...

We sincerely apologize, but Shroud magazine's submission period has changed. We are doing our best to improve our response times, and in order to accomplish this, we have narrowed our submission period for 2010 significantly. Our new submission period is listed on under "submissions."

Unfortunately, we cannot review your submission and will not hold on to it at this time.

We are currently closed to unsolicited novel and novella submissions as well.

Again, we apologize for the change, but please understand that we are doing this to provide better service to you, the writer. We feel that quick and consistent response times allow you to maximize the ability to publish your manuscripts.

Please visit and visit our submissions page, blog, or MySpace page in order to get the most up-to-date information on reading periods.

Thank you, and we wish you a wonderful new year!