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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shroud Publishing Brings on Web Marketing Intern

Shroud Publishing is pleased to announce that we have brought on Kenton Kotsiris as an intern.  Kenton is currently working on his MA in English in the United Kingdom.

Kenton's duties at Shroud will be to expand our Web presence and build our online audience.  In addition, he will be employed to promote and publicize our talented group of authors.

We sincerely look forward to working with him.  You can contact Kenton here.

Kenton's Bio

Kenton Kotsiris has always been a lover of horror fiction. Being an avid reader, he has experienced many nights sleeping with the lights on. With his educational endeavors coming to an end, he is now focusing on his own writing. You can read all his random rants and horror interest at He graduated from UCLA with a degree in English Literature, and is currently working on his MA in the UK. Lastly, he is extremely excited to be a new member of the Shroud Magazine team!


R. Scott McCoy said...

Where do I get one??

Shroud Publishing said...

We can share! :)