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Monday, August 29, 2011

Shroud Magazine Digital Edition V. 1.02 (August 2011) Now Available

Shroud is thrilled to release the second issue of our monthly digital edition in smartphone and tablet compatible .pdf format. With all exclusive content, Shroud DE provides an excellent way for readers to sample the same quality fiction, nonfiction and art as in our successful quarterly print magazine. V. 1.02 (August 2011) features KRIS ST. JAMES' “Die Wassergeist,” ADAM BLOMQUIST's “Trap,” ALAN MEYROWITZ's “Vampiric Nights,” Richard Wright’s “CRAVEN PLACE” Chapter Two, Robert Davies' "Hiram Grange & The Ghosts of Marrakech" Scott C. Carr's SOMEONE OUGHTA SELL TICKETS...! Beautiful cover Art by Danny Evarts, and DEMENTIS MORTUUS -- Word Games for the Worst of Us.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 Collegiate Fiction Award Deadline Extended To October 15

Please spread the word, Shroud's 2011 Collegiate Fiction Award deadline has been extended to October 15, 2011.  The nominees and award will be handed out during the Saturday night celebration at AnthoCon 2011.  Read the submission guidelines here.  Free to enter!

Shroud Update August 2011 -- Going Strong!

Wow, the last several months have been crazy. In that time I have been laid off, reemployed, finished grad school, travelled and trained for the new job, and am in the midst of plans for Anthology 2011 (AnthoCon).  However, thanks to the efforts of my dear friend and Co-Shroudite, Danny Evarts, and an exceptional community of writers, editors, and artists, Shroud Magazine and Shroud Publishing continues to forge ahead with new issues, new books and new projects.  What hasn't been exceptional is my ability to get Shroud out to subcribers in one mailing, nor my ability to get all of my authors paid quickly.  While the afforementioned events may serve to explain, I make no excuses. My writers are what make Shroud a superlative publication, and my readers are our audience.  Please, writers, if you have not already done so, send me an email with your preferred payment delivery method.  Also send me your current address so I can make sure you get your contributor copy as well (for those few that have not received theirs' yet.)  Remember that all Shroud authors are entitled to a 40% discount for additional copies of the issue they appeared in.  Simply ask me for the coupon code in your email.  I am usually only to fill orders on weekends, but I'll try to come up with a plan to fix that.  If you are awaiting an order, trust that I am working on getting everything caught up.

So what can you expect from Shroud in the coming months?  A new digital edition is just about to be released, Issue 12 is in production.  Our Guest Editor, Jackie Gamber, is wrapping up Issue 13, a new novel from Nate Lambert is in production, as are The Terror In Miskatonic, and Epitaphs, an anthology from the New England Horror Writers.

Thank you for your continued support.  I am a writer as well.  I struggle with rejection letters, a competitive market, folding publications, and trying to develop my passion into an income.  I understand the importance of honesty and dependability in this market. My goal is, and has always been, for Shroud to be an honest and dependable enitity in the dark fiction ecosystem.  Subcribership continues to grow, but slowly.  As a result, we operate on a tight budget and are required to be flexibile about the publishing schedule.  You have all demonstrated understanding and patience in this regard, and I appreciate it.  In the end, we intend to sustain Shroud through a dynamically changing market landscape, and continue to maintain quality and relevance in a competitive environment that is filled with alternatives. Shroud will enter its 5th year of existence by the time we all convene in Portsmouth for AnthoCon.  I hope many of you will be on hand to celebrate with us.