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Friday, December 18, 2009

R. Michael Burns Featured in Shroud 7

So I wanted to give props to R. Michael Burns the author of the WONDERFULLY-written "ANIMAL ACT" In Shroud 7. I had intended to place his name on the cover, but I completely and utterly dropped the ball on it and R. Michael Burns was relegated to the "and much more" section. My apologies. Check out ANIMAL ACT, and please spread the word.


Anton Cancre said...

I agree, a great story with a nice punch aimed squarely at our "reality" obsession with watching the pain and degradation of others. One of those nice moments where everyone says "never ME" but none turn off the TV or leave tghe room.

Shroud Publishing said...

Anton, thank you for the comment. I'll pass it on to R. Michael!