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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hiram Grange: Incomparable and Incontinent, er I mean Intercontinental!

Hopefully you are following the Hiram Grange updates over at his blog. I've been trying to make it the go-to-destination for all things Hiram. In the latest update, I mention that Hiram is developing some friends in high places, like none other than Troma's Lloyd Kaufman. Take a second and fly over there to see what's what!

Did you know that Hiram is available in Europe and Canada?
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Natalie L. Sin said...

THAT is a FANTASTIC cover ; )

Adam Blomquist said...

Great blurb! I really can't wait for this. Hiram's adventures look like they're about to get a lot stranger.

I've met Mr. Kaufman a few times, he's on of the coolest people and also the foulest and funniest man alive. He screened the first Toxic Avenger at BU's "cinematheque" last year and I was in stitches while the rest of the stogy faculty/students were mortified by his inventive analogy about Hollywood featuring the word "hymen."

The university setting can't handle Troma, but I'm glad Shroud can!