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Monday, July 26, 2010

Shroud DE: Get it for Free and a call for submissions

We are thrilled about the exclusive content coming out for Shroud DE.  Brand new terrifying fiction, Hiram Grange flash fiction, exclusive and insightful book reviews, a serialized novel by Richard Wright, and a startling (and EYE-opening) new column by Scott Christian Carr.  This stuff is soooo hot that we won't release it anywhere else but the SHROUD DE!  The cool thing, is that we'll send you Shroud DE for free if you simply sign up:

Sign up for the Shroud Newsletter.

Hey, I'm curious, do you have a column, art, photography, or poetry idea for Shroud DE?  Send me your pitch.  If we use your idea, we'll pay cash for it!

Rock on!


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Well this sounds like a job for The Erb!! I shall be sending you something soon!