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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Night of Bizarro Fiction Featuring Shroud Author D. Harlan Wilson

FROM:  Quimby's Books

A Night of Bizarro Fiction

Join four authors from the Bizarro fiction movement: D.Harlan Wilson, Andersen Prunty, Eckhard Gerdes and Garrett Cook as they read from and sign their books. The material is sometimes profane, sometimes funny, but always weird and engaging.

D. Harlan Wilson is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, literary critic, screenwriter, and assistant professor of English at Wright State University-Lake Campus.  His recent books include a novel, Blankety Blank: A Memoir of Vulgaria (Raw Dog Screaming Press 2008), a novella, Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance (Shroud 2009), and a book of cultural theory, Technologized Desire: Selfhood & the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction (Guide Dog Books 2009).  Visit him online at

D. will read from his upcoming Shroud novella, PECKINPAH

Get the scoop here.

Sim Subs? No. Please help us help you...

I just wanted to politely remind writers that we prefer that you do NOT simultaneously submit material to us and another publisher... particularly with novels.

We do this in order to make best use of reading periods.  In the last week, two authors have yanked material from under us because they had been accepted elsewhere.  While that is wonderful news for the author, it does not allow us to make best use of the limited time we have. Why should we spend time reading a submission if it is only going to be withdrawn?

Here is a little reminder of our submission policy:

Simultaneous submissions are NOT okay. Please do not send us multiple submissions -- please only send us one story at a time and do not send your next submission until we give you a reply to the first. Reprints are OK, but discouraged. If you submit a reprint, we will look at it provided it has not been published within twelve months and the author currently bears the copyright. A short bio would be nice, including any awards or published credits, however your story will stand on its own merit.

If you absolutely, positively MUST send a sim-sub PLEASE just tell us.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shroud #5 Available for Pre-Order

An introduction to the scandalous and scurrilous Hiram Grange, reluctant hero against the unseen terrors of the earth! Novella excerpts from the upcoming Hiram Grange series, featuring authors Richard Wright, Kevin Lucia, Scott C. Carr, Robert Davies, and Jake Burrows, fiction from Kim Paffenroth, Michael West, John Bruni, Norman A. Rubin, an interview with Ronald Damien Malfi, columns from Michael Knost, Steve Vernon, Norman Rubenstein, and DL Snell, the Webley revolver, and real life confluences!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mama Fish, By Rio Youers, Coming Soon!

At Harlequin High School In 1986, Kelvin Fish was the oddball, the weird one that nobody would talk to, except for Patrick Beauchamp who was determined to learn more about this strange kid. When Patrick's curiosity about Kelvin leads him into a bizarre and tragic series of events, Patrick gets much more than he bargained for.

The latest novel from Rio Youers!

Peter Straub has described Rio Youers as " ... one the the most vital, most exciting young talents to come along in this decade." He is the author of End Times and Everdead, as well as numerous short stories published in magazines and anthologies. Rio lives in Canada with his wife Emily.
COMING SOON From Shroud Publishing

95 Pages

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Helpful hints for your submissions.

During our open period, we have received well over 300 submissions. Many of these are simply outstanding. However, i just want to take a moment and make some friendly suggestions that will help your submission find a home:

1. Please make sure you send only .rtf or .doc files. Please check your file extension. If it is .docx we cannot open it.
2. I am finding it difficult to place many 4000+ word stories. We have only limited space, so the shorter your story, the more opportunities for publication it creates for us. This is not to say we do not want nor enjoy longer tales, just that we can only publish a few of them.
3. We love flash fiction and microfiction. I was a bit skeptical at first, but over the past year, short short fiction has really grown on us, PLUS it's easy to find room for (see #2 above).
4. Short bios and short synopses are a plus. We will read your story without them, but we like them.
5. It is helpful if you at least tell us what sub-genre the story falls into (noir, crime, creature horror, etc.)
6. Should we publish poetry? We do not currently publish poetry, but if you want it, we will provide it.
7. We still prefer monsters over vampires, ghosts over serial killers, and atmosphere over gore.
8. Include your title in your subject line please, and be creative with your title. It's the first word(s) of your story anyone will read;
9. Please do not send your first, unedited and unseen draft. Pass that baby around to your writer buddies and get some feedback. Carve it down to its essential elements. Proofread it please.
10. About #9. A good story may still contain a few errors. We run all of our stories through a copyeditor anyway. However if the errors are so egregious s to distract from the content and quality of the tale, we will probably send it back your way.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update on our Advertising Drive.

While we have slots left open for our $30 quarter page ad promotion, i wanted to take a moment and thank the folks that have taken advantage of this offer so far. There are many of you, and I cannot list you all, but please know that I appreciate the support.

A big thanks to our sponsors:

Dorchester Publishing (Leisure Books)

Cemetery Dance

Apex Books

Necrotic Tissue

Novello Publishing

Kim Paffenroth

D. Harlan Wilson

Ken Wood and Shock Totem

Eric Ott and the band Mercuryhat

Kevin Lucia

Scott Christian Carr

Maria Cavicchioli

Elizabeth Donald

Rhonda Smith

Sarah Mitchell

Ellen Million

Mark Steensland

I know there are more of you and I apologize for not listing you here. I will get you during the next update.

Thank you al so much.

Still room left!

Details here:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

International Bestselling Author Rick Hautala To Be Featured in Issue 6

Shroud's first national retail issue, #6 will feature a fantastic line up of talented authors (cover above) and I will be sure to post the specifics very very soon. However, I wanted to take a moment and share the fact that a rare unpublished short story from Rick Hautala will be in Issue #6.

Rick has written and published over 90 novels and short stories since the early 1980s. Many of his books have been translated to other languages and sold internationally. His third novel, 1986's Night Stone, became an international best-seller, selling well over one million copies. His short story collection, Bedbugs (1999) was selected by Barnes and Noble as one of the most distinguished horror publications of the year 2000.

Rick Hautala also writes screenplays. His most recent 2008 adaptation of award winning author Kealan Patrick Burke's "Peepers" is currently on the film festival circuit. He also wrote the screenplay for the 2007 short film Dead@17 based on Josh Howard's graphic novel series of the same name.

Learn more about Rick on his Website

Rick Hautala