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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Find The Horror #4

Find The Horror #4

Designation: Crowley

N 36 10.439
W 079 50.160

Hint: Lucifer was a ______ angel.

Additional clues available by email.


Ranger Fox said...

7:58 AM - FTF

I woke up early through no fault of my alarm. After looking at the clock, I thought it would be a waste to lose forty more minutes on sleep. Since this was in the same city and not much of a drive, I decided it would be good to see what was hidden in the woods.

The morning fog rolled past as I sat at a traffic light. Looking across at a tree, I could make out the cottony billows passing by, hurrying to wherever before the sun rose higher and burned them off. A nice morning, I decided, not as hot as it has been.

As I pulled into the trailhead's parking, I saw someone in bicycle attire, loading odds and ends as well as an exhausted dog into her red SUV. Yes, I did pass many people on their morning exercise, joggers and bicyclists alike. Time to hit the trail.

The walk wasn't much, only a tenth of a mile. I had been out here earlier in the week to find another geocache. I mused on when I should get around to logging it. I'm only five caches behind and have other things to occupy my time. Perhaps after the weekend. It takes too long to write the stories to which I'm accustomed. Nowadays, it seems to take a hefty weekend's backlog or a Monday to motivate me.

Around and on the dirt trail went. The recent rain packed down the soil, footsteps soft. To my left, woods and patches of dense shrubbery, all the green of a waning summer. Young trees, close together, with saplings competing for the same space as the resident briars and ground-dwelling flora. To my right was an old stream, stagnant thanks to the beaver dams up ahead and level ground. It ran a mile east to a lake. At one time, a drought and a cache gave me the privilege of walking out to the middle of the lake, which at that time was a small stream itself. Perhaps that was its natural form, if not for the dammed lake to the west feeding it a steady flow.

The distance counted down, the minute ticked away, and I was close to the cache. I hadn't even departed the trail and my GPSr indicated I was only two dozen feet away. Very interesting, I thought. Mark is being daring indeed. I'll leave out details of the hide, but suffice it to say it was an instant find and a hide meant to stay invisible, stealthily watching passers-by. Had it been any number of the horrors its theme hints, it could easily have made any trailgoer its prey.

After penning the first name on the log--I used my caching handle--I walked back to the car. The woman, her dog, and the red SUV were nowhere to be found. I had some time before work, but decided to go in early and surprise everyone by cleaning part of the office. Cleaning the office like that happens just about as often as finding a cache not listed on

Shroud Publishing said...

Excellent. Thank you so much for sharing the experience. Congrats! I'd love to share this with others... may I?