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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hello all! The colder months are upon us and the nights are getting shorter, which makes doing everything an effort! ;)

However, things here at Shroud are progressing along nicely. I'd like to say that I sincerely appreciate all of your patience as we work to get several publications out at once. We have made some significant headway so I wanted to update you all on where we stand:

1. Issue 4 at 112 pages it at the printer and we are awaiting proofs. It will go out very soon;
2. The limited edition signed hardback, ALL YOU DESPISE, from Tom Piccirilli is at the printer, proofs have been corrected and approved and the books are due any day now;
3. Northern Haunts has taken so long because we had to edit and typeset over 300 pages of text. We are awaiting on proofs, once approved the trade paperback will be going out very soon. The hardcover version will be shipped out before Christmas;
4. We are in the process of writing up the contracts for a series of novellas by professional writers for the upcoming year;
5. Hiram Grange and his scandalous adventures will be out next year as we circle the wagons on this series and refocus our efforts.
6. We are still waiting the results of our Ingram Periodicals agreement and hope that we secure some premium retail space!


-Tim Deal


Natalie L. Sin said...

Woot! My dad can't wait to see Northern Haunts. It's based in my home town, so he's been where the action happens.

Catherine J Gardner said...

Fabulous news.