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Monday, August 11, 2008

Intruder, by Cindy Little

We will be launching the first novella in the Shroud Publishing Signature Novella Series within the next week or two. I wanted to introduce you all to Intruder, by the talented Cindy Little.


An evil unseen force is forcing Carol to try and do unspeakably harmful things to her daughter Jennie. When the powers of an ancient malevolent creature invade a quiet suburban household, a young mother is forced into a pitched battle for the life of her child.

A shocking and intelligent novella from veteran supernatural investigator, Cindy Little.

"With her first foray into dark fantasy/fiction, Cindy Little already demonstrates an impressive imagination. Combining the all-too-true effects of postpartum depression with ancient faerie folklore, she weaves a surprisingly hard-hitting tale of a woman torn between doubts about her own sanity and the maternal desire to fiercely protect her child at all costs. With its combination of suspense and action, Intruders delivers on its promise."


"Postpartum depression gets a horrific make-over in Cindy Little's Intruder, as the dark path on which a new mother finds herself trapped takes a sudden turn into the territory of primal myth. Intruder is a chilling depiction of the corruption of a mother's love, reminiscent of Twilight Zone encounters with strange and terrible monsters who remain invisible to most while spreading suffering and death. Evoking the horror of the unknown, Intruder delivers chills as it takes the reader along the dreadful path of a mother's nightmare."

Gerard Houarner, ROAD FROM HELL and THE OZ SUITE

Just $7.99 for the trade paperback at:

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