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Monday, May 5, 2008

Shroud Announces New Anthology

Tentative Title: Northern Haunts 
100 Terrifying New England Tales to Tell Around a Campfire 

Guidelines: Flash fiction (no more than 700 words) told in the FIRST person (to allow readers to re-tell the story) set in a New England location. The anthology will be separated into 4 sections (tentative titles): 

Haunts- Stories of ghosts, specters, and phantoms 
Beasts- Stories of monsters, critters, and wild animals 
Humans- Stories of eccentric people, serial killers, mad men 
Other Oddities- everything else 

Format: Submit as a Word .doc or .rtf attachment. 

Multiple submissions allowed and encouraged 
No reprints 
No simultaneous subs 
Payment: (.01 cent a word or you can donate your stories) 

Proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society 

I will try to get this on the Web site soon. 


Please, feel free to give me your thoughts. 



Anonymous said...

The anthology idea sounds great--and I like that the proceeds will benefit an awesome cause! I have several flash pieces that I want to submit.

Questions: What are the exact formatting guidelines? Double-space with indents, or single with block paras? And multi-subs are encouraged, so how many do I attach to one email?

Thank you.


Kaye said...

What's the deadline?

Catherine J Gardner said...

Ooh exciting - guess I know what I'll be doing with my weekend.


Anonymous said...

What address to I send a ms?

Donna Sundblad said...

Hi Tim,

I'd like to add your call for stories over at Anthology News and Reviews if it's okay. Let me know.

You can email me at


Shroud Publishing said...

I'm sorry guys, these comments snuck up on me. email your stories, one per email to The deadline will depend upon the amount of qualified submissions. The format: standard submission format, but as long as the spelling, grammar and punctuation are good to go i am not going to freak out about indents and spacing. Please feel free to share and publish this information with everyone.

I do want to point out that you should write your stories as if you are sharing an account of something frightening that happened to you. It should indeed have the twists and turns of any good story, but not the flowery prose.

Wannabe Writer said...

When is the deadline for the anthology?

Thank you,


Shroud Publishing said...

Rita, we are currently still open for submissions, but probably only for another week or so.


Wannabe Writer said...


Thank you for your quick response. -Rita

Donna Sundblad said...

Hi Tim,

I posted your call for submissions at Anthology News and Reviews.


lycanthrope25 said...

Tim - are you still open for submissions?