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Monday, December 12, 2011

Spotlight on Joe L. Blevins' THE FAMILIAR

The folks here at Shroud wanted to steer you in the direction of one of our sponsor's new award winning titles:

The Familiar

by Joe L. Blevins

New to Black Bed Sheet Books December 2nd in a Kindle format! 

Joe L. Blevins is a member of the British Fantasy Society.  

The Familiar is a winner in Hollywood's 2011 Halloween Book Festival.

Black Bed Sheet Books Synopsis:

A larger coven of witches comes to Salem for the first full lunar eclipse of the winter solstice in over three hundred seventy four years, and choose a vulnerable man as their slave. When he is found drunk and in possession of stolen jewelry from a grave, he is sentenced to hang. The witches give him a strange potion that mimics death. The authorities bury him thinking he is already dead. The rare lunar eclipse during the winter solstice passes. He emerges from the grave a large cat capable of changing into the form of a man during the full moon. His powers allow him to be charming and give him a "second-sight" ability. He can change to many forms of beast when his life is threatened. He can see what scares someone the most to use that against them. He takes the name Winston Rupert Wallace. Winston uses his new powers to build great wealth to become an entrepreneur who controls a big part of New Amsterdam. 

Willia and her brother Stephen join Winston to buy some ships to move goods up and down the Eastern Seaboard. They use their powers and influence to build New Amsterdam into a thriving city to live. Willia conjures up a member of the Roanoke expedition named Sir Christopher Warren. He is a warlock who comes to take control of all their lives. He seeks the ancient Book of Spells that Willia has hidden during the Salem witch trials when many innocents were persecuted and where real witches avoided communities and paranoid officials. Follow the adventures of Winston, Willia and Stephen as they use their magical powers to make themselves filthy rich and powerful, and fight the evil influence of Warren to make a decent life in New Amsterdam, the future New York City.

Available now at for $3.95 for the e-Book.