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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shroud Goes Quarterly...

I would like to announce that there will be a minor change to Shroud. After our national launch, the Shroud crew quickly realized that managing a professional bimonthly nationally-distributed magazine was a bit more ambitious than we had first thought. Now, I become deeply annoyed when ambition collides with reality, but I also realize that managing a periodical means managing expectations as well.

I recognize that not only do we have a readership to serve, but a community of writers artists and advertisers as well. To that point, we have decided to make Shroud a quarterly magazine instead of a bimonthly. This will have no impact on the amount of issues that go out to existing subscribers, but you will likely see some changes in the very near future to new subscriptions.

Fiction does not have a shelf life. It’s timeless. A quarterly distribution plan will allow Shroud to remain on the shelves longer, which will provide greater opportunities for authors to be read and for advertisers get more bang for their buck. We look forward to being around for a long time, and feel the wew distribution schedule will help us do just that.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flash Fiction #7 Finalists and Winner Announced!

After a very difficult process, Shroud Magazine has announced the five finalists and the winner of our Flash Fiction #7 writing contest. Authors were challenged with writing an original piece of flash fiction based on a true news story about a stolen Humpty Dumpty and Cheshire Cat costume in New Hampshire.

The winner of the contest will receive paid publication in Issue 7 of Shroud Magazine. The five runners up will receive the option to have their stories featured in the same issue. There were a record number of entries in this contest--the bulk of which were extremely entertaining and well-crafted. Thank you all for participating!

The Winner:


Runners Up:

Mary Daley
Brian J. Hatcher
Anthony Klancar
Laura Langford
Justin Pilon